Welcome to Alante Photography's vendor download gallery.  Galleries are arranged by date with the most recent at the top.   In this gallery you will have access to images that are "ready to go" for vendors.  They are completely retouched, artworked, and logo'd so that all you have to do is download and use them.  We are happy to provide web quality images at no charge but please adhere to the following guidelines:

• Please do not alter, crop, or color adjust our images or remove our logo.  
• Please do not submit images for publication without our express consent.  We pursue editorial opportunities on most events.  If you submit something elsewhere, it can put publishing status in peril and upset editors.  Please contact us directly to discuss publishing opportunities. 
• Please *do* share these on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.  Remember to give credit to all involved vendors when possible.  Go team!
• Un-logo'd, high resolution images are available for purchase

We look forward to seeing what you do with the images!  Please drop us a line when you use them and we'll be happy to help you spread the word!  You can reach us at:


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Twitter: @alantephoto


Instagram: #alantephotography  &  @kimberlyaperson  &  @lorencallahan

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